Gillian has this unique ability to listen carefully, sum up what she heard, and then ask the question that guides one to amazing self-discovery. She utilizes effective, foundational theories. I am now able to navigate even the most stressful day with a sense of ease, no longer trapped by negative emotions. With her help, I have established patterns in my life that support me and enable me to experience resilience.
— Diana Jean Baratta, Nursing Director
“I can influence those things that I thought I just had to put up with... I’m less drained, I have more energy, I’m in more control of my surroundings - that’s a great feeling! I’m happier, I’m much more satisfied at work, I’m more satisfied in my life.... Its (RX for Empowerment) one of the best things I’ve ever done... If you fully engage in this, you will be amazed at the transformation in yourself and the people around you.” (See full video here)
— Georgeann Bell, Director, Medical Staff Services
I am more fulfilled with my life. I give my all and focus on what I am doing right now instead of trying to do everything all at once. I am able to give my energy to where I am at. (See full video here).
— Sky Arce, Clinical Manager, Internal Medicine
As a result of my coaching experience with Gillian, I have become a more effective communicator and leader for my team. She modeled superb reflective listening skills with me which I was able to bring back to my team as we moved through a period of transition and continuous change. Gillian provided me with the tools that I needed so that I could reach my full potential as a leader. My level of confidence in my leadership skills was heightened by her guidance and support, so that I felt that I could move forward successfully with my team. I am now more consistently leading from a higher level of energy which is reflected in those around me. I have employed the techniques on resiliency that she provided and am better able to adapt and recover from stress so that I have more positive energy to lead my team. This experience has truly been life altering and Gillian’s thoughtful and compassionate insights have made a difference in me both professionally and personally. Thanks to Gillian, the skills I have gained throughout this coaching experience will be with me the rest of my life!
— M. Benkert, MS, RN-BC, CBIS, Program Manager
Gillian has helped me bring back peace, energy and balance in my every day life. The transformation is amazing and I live and learn the benefits of our coaching every day. I am learning to know and trust myself more and still be open to the rest of the world. With Gillian’s help I am also learning to prepare myself mentally for challenging times or meetings. … we visualize them together, try to anticipate reactions or obstacles, think of possible solutions but first of all, we define the outcomes I really am after. This is key to not getting drawn into unproductive interactions.
— GP, PhD, Scientist, Boulder, CO
I was in a very difficult situation from a career development perspective. I felt pretty stuck, pretty determined to leave my organization at that time. Gillian helped me to work through some of the things what were related to the work and more importantly things that were not related to the work. Now I am much more empowered. I have a plan of action that is written down with actionable items. It’s broken down into chunks that I can do something about. It’s not an overwhelming monster that’s taking control. I have the tools and plan of action that matches my own personal goals in support of what I say is important in my life.Everyone can benefit from coaching. I didn’t know what to expect when I first came into the coaching arrangement. It’s been everything that I hoped and in fact I have recommended coaching to my colleagues.
— Tammy, HR Director