About Gillian

My expertise in core energy coaching allows me to accelerate your transformation from overwhelm to focused, creative thinking - from merely surviving to thriving.  I accomplish this through a structured approach that first, takes you through an examination of your current state. Then, together, we design your plan for achieving your desired, future state. We organize your transformation so that you know you are working on the right thing at the right time in the most optimal sequence that assures success for you.

I have more than 20 years of human resources background in a variety of settings with the last 13 years working in not-for-profit healthcare. I am proud to have been associated with SCL Healthcare System (SCLHS - formerly Exempla Healthcare) based in Denver, Colorado and Seton Healthcare Family in Austin, Texas. In addition to a deep, practical knowledge of HR issues in healthcare, I have a Masters Degree in Human Resource Development Leadership from the University of Texas at Austin.

My coach training has been granted through one of the top accredited coaching programs in the country, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). 

In addition to my certified professional coaching certification (CPC), I am also a certified HeartMath coach/mentor and certified HeartMath trainer.  I hold the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation awarded by the International Coaching Federation



My Burning Platform....You!

Why healthcare and why nursing leadership? I focus on nursing leadership because I know you are the key leverage point for improving the life of the nurse at the bedside. This ultimately benefits the patient. When your staff nurses are feeling empowered and supported, they provide the best possible care for the patient. And, they are more connected to their purpose. This improves employee engagement and retention.


About Flatirons Professional Coaching

Guiding Principles

We provide tremendous value for its clients by teaching high potential concepts and delivering transformative programs and coaching.

We exemplify integrity and putting the clients first while at the same time recognizing and honoring that true win/win arrangements are central to our success and sustainability.

We are constantly reinventing so that we always bring the fresh perspective that our clients desperately need and want.

Guiding Values

Creativity:  Our tribe deserves the most creative approaches, strategies, ideas, and tactics possible. Creativity also means these solutions are simple, actionable, and elegant.

Fun: When we are having fun, the client is having fun.  When they are having fun they are in the most receptive emotional state and mindset for learning.

Security: Our decisions about who we do business with and the investment we ask for allows us to thrive and therefore, be there for all who want our help – for the long run.

Partnership: We partner with clients, organizations, and individuals who share our values and are committed to an aligned, engaged, and energetic environment where they can do their best work and experience their most fulfilled lives.


Successful athletes benefit from having a coach to raise their performance. Successful healthcare leaders use the same strategy to build on their skills and abilities and move to the next level.

My clients report the following benefits of coaching:

  • I feel “less maniacal,” more at peace
  • I know what I really want now
  • I have greater insight into myself
  • I am less stressed because I now have a plan
  • I connect my decision-making to my values and that makes me feel more in control
  • I am learning to put myself first now
  • I am creating goals and plans and executing them for success
  • Coaching helped me to identify blocks to my success and helped me remove them
  • I'm a more effective leader
  • I'm not energetically wiped out at the end of the day
  • Other's behavior is not about me
  • My sense of calmness and wholeness is much better
  • I'm happier! I can give to others as a result
  • I move past stressful situations more easily
  • This experience has truly been life altering both professionally and personally

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